Formed since the USAF was formed, the USAAF has been exceeding in its technology ever since 2550. In
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USAAF (United States Advanced Air Force)

2550 they have been secretly making advanced airplanes as well as adapting new flying skills and pilots. By 2750 new technology was needed to make this part of the military sky rocket off into success. They have been making planes that come in forms from unmanned aircraft, to Multi-Missile and Gun Control to speak, also know as MMGP's. They are able to take down seriously large hostile group targets with one or multiple blows.

Different kinds of MMGP's and AircraftEdit

Used in various levels of Spec Ops and Disk 2Edit

  • AC-130 (has been saved to pack a punch in enemy groups)
  • The Reaper (used for quick missile strikes, Counter UAV and UAV)
  • F-35's (for deadly airstrikes)
  • Blackhawk Helicopters
  • Little Bird
  • Medevac Chopper (When needed)
  • Troop Transport Helicopters
  • B1-Lancer (for clearing a large area of hostiles)
  • UH-144 Falcon (used for ground cover)