Toll booth scene

Broadway Mafia coming out of the toll booth.

Plot Edit

This level is largely a cinematic level. The player's ability to move is limited to only looking around and watching.

Gameplay Edit

They come up to the toll booth.

Security Officer: Where you headed today sir.

FBI Agent (Evil): Chicago. Ya were planning on spying on the Broadway mafia, seeing if we can get some information.

Security Officer: Okay. So that will be $9.11.

The FBI Agent who is evil then hands the officer the money. The officer then drops the money. The FBI Agent then locks the doors, trapping Xel inside. The officer is then executed and the Broadway Mafia pops up and shoot at the cars side windows and two leave the toll booth and go shoot the front and back windows. After five minutes of shooting up the car they hold their fire. A Broadway Mafia soldier then comes over and throws Xel out of the car. Xel who is wounded then backs up. David Capone and Vincent Mancini then appear.

David Capone: Xel Vaxum. We must make up for lost times.

A Broadway Mafia man then comes over and kicks Xel in the face knocking him out. Screen turns black.

Trivia Edit

  • The officer says the total is $9.11, which is related to the September 11 attacks, hence 9/11.

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