Classification: Assault
Escape from seattle med

Loading Screen for level

Level: Under, the big top

Date/Time: Enter Date here, 10:00:00 pm and counting

Place: United States, Washington, Seattle, near the space needle

Character (Player 1): Police Officer

Character (Player 2): SWAT officer

Character (Player 3): Police Officer

Character (Player 4): SWAT officer

Players: 1 to 4 players online or locally


  • Objective
    • Assault your way from the Space needle, all the way to

Best Western Executive Inn

  • Characters
    • Seattle Police
    • Seattle SWAT
    • Devourers
  • Weather: Clear
  • Vehicles: None
  • Achievements
    • "Graveyard Shift!" (Make your way to the Inn on legendary without dying)
  • Skulls: None


  • Easy - Player is faced with light opposition
  • Medium - Player is faced with Moderate opposition
  • Hard - Player is face with semi heavy opposition
  • Legendary - Player is faced with heavy opposition


Player spawns near the Space Needle. In the beginning, the player can choose from an arsenal of weapons on the ground. The player has 10 seconds to choose before the assault starts. Soon, Devourers start attacking from all sides! The player must make his way to the Inn without dying. If he dies, its Mission Failed. If he succeeds, its Mission Complete!

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