Keros Ultranationalist Flag

The Ultranationalist Party in the year 2900 for Keros: Chronicles Disk 1 and Keros: Chronicles Disk 2

The Ultranationalists are a revolutionary political party and armed organization in Russia who wish to return the country back to what it once was during the days of the U.S.S.R. They believe that in order to achieve this goal they had to get wipe out every species that stood in there way (mostly the strong militaries). In this mad crusade for what they consider to be national restoration, the Ultranationalists consider the powers of the universe, specifically the United Nations Space Command and the Sangheli, to be major obstacles in their path, as well as any Russians who do not support their aims. Their objective was then created to achieve universial domination and to create a new russian empire that will satisfy Russia and to destroy every species in the universe.

Quotes Edit

  • Бросаю гранату! - "Brosaju granatu! / "Throwing grenade!"
  • Бросаю стан гранату! - "Brosaju stan granatu! / "Throwing stun grenade!"
  • Дымовая граната! - "Dimovaya granata! / "Smoke grenade!"
  • Прикройте меня! Я должен перезарядиться! - "Prikrojte menja! Ja dolzhen perezaryazhaditsya! / "Cover me! I'm reloading!"
  • Прикройте меня! - "Prikrojte menja!" / "Cover me!"
  • Меняю обойму! - "Menyayu oboimu!" / "I am changing my clip!"
  • Чёрт! У меня нет патронов! Перезаряжаюсь! - "Chyort! U menya net patronov! Perezaryazhayus'!''!" / "Damn! I have no rounds! Reloading!"
  • Враг убит! - "Vrag ubit! / Enemy killed!
  • Враг уничтожен! - "Vrag unichtozhen! / "Enemy eliminated!"
  • Цель уничтожена! - "Tsel' unichtozhena! / "Target eliminated!"
  • Сдохни, гад! - "Sdohni, gad!" / "Die, bastard!"
  • Граната!!! - "Granata!!! / "Grenade!!!"
  • Заряжаю взрывчатку - "Zariajayu vzryvchatku" / "Arming explosives" (C4)
  • Вспышка - "Vspyshka" / "Flash!"
  • Я ранен - "Ja ranen!" / "I'm wounded"
  • Бегите, трусы! - "Begitye, trusy!" / "Run, cowards!"
  • Вот вам граната, гады! - "Vot vam granata, gady!" / "Here is a grenade, bastards!"
  • Пришил его! - "Prishil' ego!" / "I got him!"
  • Ха! Уложил его! - "Ha! Ulozhil ego!" / "Ha! I killed him!"
  • Ха! Кажется, этот идиот не знал, как надо укрываться! - "Ha! Kazhetsya, etot idiot ne znal, kak nado ukrivatsya!" / "Ha! It seems that this idiot did not know how to hide!"
  • Это за моего брата! - "Eto za moyego brata!" / "That is for my brother!"
  • С дороги, мать вашу! - "S dorogi, mat' vashu!" / "Out of the way, god damn it!"