The Doctor (Known as Dr. Thomas Dolavin) was born in Los Angeles, California on October 25th, 2522. His father James Dolavin was part of the Spartan II Project in 2525. His father told him very little about the project and by the time he was 10, he learned only a little about what his father had told him. By the age of 16, Thomas wanted to be like his father, so he took a high interest in advancing in the field of science in his high school career. After graduating from high school in 2540, he went on to a college career at Stanford University. There he earned PHD degrees in Humanities and Sciences, Scientific Bio-Engineering, and Medicine. He knew that these fields would help him to accomplish one thing. Finding a cure for all cancer diseases. He graduated in 2545 and immediately joined the University of Texas M.D Cancer Center, where he treated cancer for 5 years. But he knew it wasn't enough to cure cancer for good. After two years he was pulled and went into the military as a CMF 68W Combat Medic. During the Human-Covenant war in 2552 he treated many soldiers in a variety of battles. This is where he also met and made great friends with Dimitri Khrushchev. After, in 2557 at the age of 35, he immediately resigned and was honorably discharged from the military. He went to Harvard University where he became friends with Fernando Hernandez and taught the field of Bio-Engineering and Medicine. Three years later in 2560 he ventured to Sangheilios with the Cancer Research Foundation and was destined to finally find the cure for cancer. Unfortunately his plans were ruined and he was angry at Khial Anthany (Zuka Anthanee's past relative) for his downfall. He left Sangheilios and returned to Earth, where he entered the Time Machine and skipped to the year 2940. At the age of 40 in 2940 he joined the Biochem Corporation. He saw this as an excellent oppurtunity to return to his reseach on cancer. He was the main surgeon of the corporation and did a variety of surgery on experiments.  Eight years later in 2948, he is head of all Biochem surgery procedures. He experiements on Zuka Anthanee, knowing that he is a reletive of Khial Athany. Angered he pursues revenge on Zuka throughout the Keros series, as well as other sangheilis, adding them to his line of experiements from the biochom corporation. 

Appearance in Keros ResurrectionEdit

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