San Fransisco bridge after outbrake

San Fransisco Bridge after outbrake


  • Objective:
    • Eliminate Parasites
  • Characters: Devourers, Lucas Kordin, Cpl. Jacobs, Tristan Lorenzo, Michael Lorenzo, Ryan Kortiv, Ballistic "Shock Trooper" Marine Squad
  • Weather: Afternoon, Clear Sky's
  • Vehicles Used: Blackhawk Helicopters, 2009 Chevy Suburban
  • Achievements:
  • Exploding Heads
    • Get 20 headshots
  • Go into the Light
    • Get a kill with a flash bang
  • Skulls: None

Gameplay Info Edit

  • Level: The Comeback
  • Date/Time: March 20, 2947, 3:20:12 pm and counting
  • Place: San Fransisco, California
  • Character: Lucas Kordin
  • Division: Ballistic "Shock Trooper" Marine Squad

Opening Scenes Edit

Player and team arrives at the San Fransisco International Airport. The team gets off the airplane and spots a Helicopter. They run to it and get in, while the other group gets into another helicopter from behind. The team then heads for the San Fransisco bridge to eliminate Devourers.

Gameplay Edit

most of this level takes place on the Golden Gate bridge which is falling apart. Once at the bridge they rapple down to the streets of the Golden Gate Bridge. The whole city of San Fransisco is a desert waste land with buldings still standing. On the bridge the team and the player is required to travel a fair distance and will face substantial resistance on one end then get picked up by a Pelican. The player will then be given the option to jump at any time while being escorted to the other side of the bridge. This is where Infections and Wasps will form groups and be in the way of the players path, so the player will have to take out the parasites and then jump. It will be harder to take them out if you jump early. Once you made it to the other side and took out the parasites you will have to travel a longer distance to get to the valley, while traveling you will clear out more Devourers including tank forms and tridents. Once in the valley a Pelican will pick you up and escort you to Fort Mason. While being escorted to Fort Mason you have to shoot down Devourers located in the valley and on the mountain sides.

Ending Scene Edit

The pelican lands at Fort Mason and the team regroups with another battalion. More conversation and planning also takes place in the ending scene.

Trivia Edit

  • What looks like what happens in 10,000 years happens in seconds for San Fransisco to become a wasteland.

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