Level: The Chase
Car Chase 1

Good guys in SUV enter a intersection, and are about to make a left, chasing the bad guys!

Time: Enter Date here, 5 minutes after the conference

Place: Chicago, Illinose

Character: US Army Ranger (Unnamed)

Division: 7th Ranger Regiment


  • Objective
    • Don't let the the bad guys get away!
  • Characters
    • Allies
      • US Army Rangers (Chase bad guys) Suburban 1
      • Sangheili Marines (Chase bad guys) Suburban 2
      • Ballistic Shock Marine Trooper Squad (Chase bad guys) Suburban 3
      • Oni Spartans (Chase Bad guys) Suburban 4
      • USAAF (Blackhawk, gives enemies location)
      • Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (Rapel into building, with SOST)
      • Spec Ops Shock Troopers (Rapel into building, with ODST, and surround building)
    • Enemies
      • Fernando Hernandez (Driver)
      • Muhammad Saf-Halad (RPG Gunner 1)
      • Dimitri Khrushchev (RPG Gunner 2)
      • David Capone (Window Gunner)
  • Weather: Clear and sunny
  • Vehicles
    • Chevy Suburban
    • Blackhawk Helicopter
    • H2 Hummer
  • Achievements: None
  • Skulls: None

Opening Scene Edit


  • The scene shows Tristan looking through a pair of binoculars in a helicopter with the rest of the Ballistic Shock Trooper Marine Squad.
  • Tristan Lorenzo: The meetings over. They are about to leave.
  • The scene then pans to another chopper with the U.S. Army Rangers in it.
  • Pvt. James Connar: Right, lets go.
  • USAAF Blackhawk pilot: Alpha-Nine, this is Vulture One-Six, we're tracking multiple enemies in the building. I count five enemies and thirteen guards on the top level, over.
  • The scene then pans to The Sangheili Marines and ONI Spartans on the ground along with Xel Vaxum and others.
  • Major Josh Konaree: Right, what else.
  • USAAF Blackhawk pilot: Uhh, the rest of the building is crowded with Dark Op Soldiers. The top floor is guarded by Al Kadhum, and Dark Op Soldiers, over.
  • Major Josh Konaree: Okay, we better get in there. All teams be ready to breach. Once were on the top floor, breach the building. We are not letting them get their revenge.
  • Xel Vaxum: Or getting away.
  • ODST: This is the ODST, we are getting positioned on the rooftop! Out!
  • The satellite then tracks Pvt. James Connar and the U.S. Army Ranger regiment.

Gameplay Edit


  • Commander Steve Ramirez: This is the best way in. The checkpoint is directly ahead.
  • Pvt. James Connar: Not bad, Commander. This'll do nicely. Vulture One-Six, we're in position.
  • USAAF Blackhawk pilot: This is Vulture One-Six. Radio jammers are active, you're cleared to engage the lobby. Out.
  • The U.S. Army rangers go to the front entrance and take cover. They here two Dark Op Soldiers talking.
  • Dark Op Soldier 1: Oxide. Were having problems with the radar. Over.
  • Dark Op Soldier 2: Roger. Command we're having problems with the Radar. We cant see anything. Out.
  • Dark Op Soldier HQ: This is command. We are checking the status of the problem. Over.
  • Commander Steve Ramirez: Hold your positions. Wait for them to count down to one. Then we breach.
  • The ONI Spartans, Sangheili Marines, Andromeda Vadum, and Xel Vaxum then reach the front entrance with the U.S. Army Rangers.
  • Commander Steve Ramirez: Ready?
  • Dark Op Soldier HQ: This is command. The problem is fixed. You will be back online in
  • Commander Steve Ramirez: Now!
  • They breach the front entrance and silently take out the Dark Op Soldiers guarding the elevator.
  • Commander Steve Ramirez: Good. There are three elevators available. We split up?
  • Xel Vaxum: Sure, I call elevator 2 along with my team.
  • Major Josh Konaree: I call elevator 3 with my team.
  • Commander Steve Ramirez: Alright then. We ronde vu at the top floor and get ready to breach.
  • ODST Soldier 1: We're on the rooftops. Ready to breach. Over.
  • They get to the top floor and stack up at the main conference doors.
  • Commander Steve Ramirez: James, put a charge on the door.
  • James puts a breaching charge on the door
  • Private James Connar: Got it!
  • In Slow-mo, as the evil people head toward the elevator. ODST and SOST rappel through the window
  • ODST: Go! Go! Go!
  • They shoot at the evil people as the elevator closes. The game play resumes in normal speed.
  • ODST Soldier: Aw! Damn it! Punches the elevators door
  • Xel Vaxum: Damn. We were so close.
  • Pvt. Zuka Chavamee: Alright, no more fucking around. Rappel up. We'll sky dive out of the windows.
  • SOST: Lets do this.
  • SOST breach the elevator shaft with an explosive and rappel down the shaft
  • They all steadily rappel down the building (the player must brake or he will fall into the street and die).
  • They reach the bottom. The evil people are surrounded, when all of a sudden, a Dark Juggernaut comes over and shoots multiple rockets killing almost all military forces.
  • Military Forces: Aw fuck look!
  • They are killed by the Dark Juggernauts rockets
  • SOST come out from the entrence
  • SOST: Stop where you are!
  • The evil people get away in their car and speed off
  • Unnamed Ranger, Xel Vaxum, Andromeda Vadum, and Commander Steve Ramirez gets into the Suburban, while the rest of the teams gets into three other suburbans behind
  • The good team pursues them in Chevy Suburbans as guided by a USAAF Blackhawk Helicopter
  • USAAF Blackhawk Pilot: Alpha-Nine, this is Vulture One-Six, target is a block away, Move!
  • Player must catch up to the evil people before they get away, dodging traffic as well
  • Player catches up to the vehicle, with the other teams behind
  • Unnamed Ranger: This is team 1, we have the target."
  • Team 2: Roger that
  • David Capone: Drive faster!
  • Fernando Hernandez: Im Trying!
  • Muhammad Saf-Halad: Shut up and shoot!
  • David Capone: Fine!
  • David climbs through the window and starts shooting his tommy gun
  • David Capone: Eat lead, bitch! While firing his gun he laughs
  • David Capone starts shooting at the player (Player takes damage if he is directly fired at)
  • Muhammad Saf-Halad: Dodge this!
  • Khrushchev and Muhammad laugh
  • Next, Muhammad and Khrushchev fire RPG's, destroying traffic in an attempt to get away
  • 2 Police cars swirve in front of the player, in pursuit, and are destroyed by the RPG missiles
  • The player must dodge the flipped police cars to continue
  • Unnamed Ranger: Whew, too close!
  • Xel Vaxum: Keep up
  • Commander Steve Ramirez: Keep on him private!
  • Fernanado Hernandez: Lets see if cutting corners will lose these fucks!
  • USAAF Blackhawk Pilot: Alpha-Nine, subject is turning the right, and is headed into an alley on the left!"
  • Player and enemy turn right on the intersection, nearly missing a bus, and swirve into an alley to the left
  • USAAF Blackhawk Pilot: Okay, keep movin, go, go, go...
  • Player drives through trash, and kocked down garbage cans, with trash flying everywhere
  • Enemy swirves to the right out of the alley and the speeds up
  • USAAF Blackhawk Pilot: Subject has made a right, theres a truck comin, watch out!
  • As the player exits the alley and and makes a left, the player notices an RPG missile, which blows up the tank truck headed towards them. The player must dodge the truck on fire before they are killed
  • Once they have dodged the truck, the player must catch up to the enemy vehicle
  • Player catches up to the vehicle
  • Fernando Hernandez: God Damn it!"
  • Muhammad Saf-Halad: Eat explosives!, Fucks!"
  • Evil team laughs
  • A nearby bank is blown up, killing and injuring civilians, which should mess up the players driving a bit, but not enough to lose the enemy vehicle
  • USAAF Blackhawk Pilot: Uh, you okay down there?
  • Unnamed Ranger: Yeah, were alright
  • The player catches up to the enemy
  • They arrive at a Parking Garage, and the enemy smashes through the toll gate, with the player following on their tale
  • Dimitri Khrushchev: Lets see them handle this!
  • Hummer accelerates fast as the Parking Garage explodes, and collapeses on the players vehicle
  • USAAF Blackhawk Pilot: Shit! Get out of there!
  • They player must then drive fast to make it out
  • Player catches up with the enemy vehicle as they arrive at the City National Bank
  • The enemies vehicle swirves to the left as does the player
  • USAAF Blackhawk Pilot: They're in for a big surprise.
  • Player must stop the Suburban...the other suburbans turn making fishtales, and stop as well, as the enemies vehicle is stopped by spike strips, and then flipped by a cable wire
  • The evil team gets out from underneath and then fire at the player and his team
  • Fernando Hernandez: You want this! You want it! Bastards!
  • The good team and player head for cover, as the evil people go inside the bank, while unleashing their firepower onto the good team and player
  • Commander Steve Ramirez: Move, Move!
  • Then the player and team sprint into the Bank, and find that a door closes
  • The team then sprints to the door and opens the door
  • They find a bomb
  • Xel Vaxum: Aw shi.
  • Xel is inturrupted by the detonation, and the bomb injures everyone
  • Player suffers heavy shell shock, and the screen fades out slowly as Commander Steve Ramirez tries to aid the player
  • The screen fades to black

Ending Scene Edit


  • Evil team is seen leaving the bank, laughing as a section of the bank blows up in the background. They get into a Lincoln Town Car and leave, the scene ends.

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