“If you want to increase your insanity, avoid the asylum.”

Criminal courts or the Home Secretary can refer people to what are known as psychiatric secure units, even though for many decades now, the term 'criminally insane' is no longer legally or medically recognized. They are hospitals mostly run by the National Health Service, which undertake psychiatric assessments and can also provide treatment and accommodation in a safe, hospital environment where its patients can be prevented from harming themselves or others. They also run under clearly defined Home office rules. These secure hospital facilities are divided into three main categories and are referred to as High, Medium and Low Secure. Although as a phrase it often used by newspapers, there is no such classification of 'Maximum Secure'. Low Secure units are often referred to a Local Secure as patients are referred there frequently by local criminal courts for psychiatric assessment before sentencing.

Security Units Edit

Low Security Edit

How to Unlock: Turn on power

Effects: Keeps Zombies out on level 5 to 10 for 30 seconds

Medium Security Edit

How to Unlock: Turn on power and open with 3000 points

Effects: Keeps zombies and hellhounds out on level 11 to 15 for 45 seconds

High Security Edit

How to Unlock: Turn on power and open with 7000 points

Effects: Locks down doors and windows, all traps are activated, keeps out Devourers, Hellhounds and Reapers out on level 16 or higher for 1 minute

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