• Objectives:
    • Follow the Resistance Leader
  • Characters: Sangheili Elite Resistance, Resistance Leader, Ultranationalists.
  • Weather: Raining and Lightning
  • Vehicles Used: BTR's and T-90's
  • Achievements: None
  • Skulls: None
  • Soundtracks:

Gameplay InfoEdit

  • Level: Taken Back
  • Date/Time: February 2, 2949 3:45:20 am and counting
  • Place: Is'mi Esla, Sangheilos
  • Character: Unnamed Sangheili Resistance Member
  • Division: Sangheili Resistance

Opening Scene Edit

Scene is in gameplay.

Gameplay Edit

Scene opens up, song starts and plays until 0:18 as Sangheili's grab energy swords from the weapon racks. They move into the city.

At 0:20 they march on. The Ultranationalist Soldiers are alerted.

Ultranationalist Soldier (Loudspeaker): Сэр, у нас есть какое-то движение сопротивления!

Ultranationalist Soldier (Loudspeaker): Убей их всех!

They then kill the Ultranationalist soldier in the area. And push forward. More soldiers move in trying to secure the area, but are killed.

The resistance marches, killing more soldiers as they go on.

Sangheili Resistance Leader: Attack!!!

Resistance group: Attack!!!!

They move up, Ultranationalist flags are burning as the Sangheili homeworld flags are put up. (1:57 of the song)

They charge, more Ultranationalists move in with riot shields.

Ultranationalist Soldier (Loudspeaker): У нас есть нарушения в городе всех подразделений огонь по своему усмотрению.

They attack pushing them violently back and killing them with their energy swords.

Sangheili Resistance Leader: Free the prisoners!

They move to the prision. Sangheili's are at the gate, banging, trying to get out.

They run by and cut the lock. More elites are free and join the resistance.

They charge destroying tanks and soldiers as they go. They run again killing more soldiers, an unstoppable force of Sangheili's. They fight till the song ends. Suddenly the soundtrack switches to (4:57 to the end). Hundreds of Sangheili are then gassed. They fall to the flood. Ultranationalists move in with riot shields.

Ultranationalist Soldier (Radio): Не волнуйтесь об аресте их. Убей их всех.

Ending Scene Edit

Gameplay fades out.

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