Game InfoEdit

Classification: Elimination
Swat team-t2

Loading screen for level

Level: Remember...No Russian

Date/Time: Enter Date Here, 1:00:00 am and counting

Place: Moscow, Russia

Character (Player 1): Russian Riot Control

Character (Player 2): Russian Riot Control

Character (Player 3): Russian Riot Control

Character (Player 4): Russian Riot Control

Division: RRC/FSB

Players: 1 to 4 players online or locally


  • Objective
    • Eliminate devourers in Russia's Capital
  • Characters
    • Russian Riot Control
    • Devourers
  • Weather: Clear
  • Vehicles: None
  • Achievements: None
  • Skulls: None


  • Easy - Player is faced with light opposition
  • Medium - Player is faced with Moderate opposition
  • Hard - Player is face with semi heavy opposition
  • Legendary - Player is faced with heavy opposition


Player spawns near the Kremlin, being police cars and vans. In the background the player hears Russian radio police scanners. The player hears loud and horrible screeching noises. Then screaming, and then sees five civilians get thrown out of the building windows. They appear dead and the devourers start coming out of the windows, FAST! Some team members say, "Открыть огонь! Open Fire!" and members and police fire at the devourers. They are dead, and the commander says, "Войдите и ясно, что здание, как можно скорее!"..."Go in and clear that building, ASAP!" You and some members must go in and eliminate the devourers in the Kremlin. There are many in the courtyard though. If the player dies, its Mission Failed. If he eliminates the devourers, then its Mission Complete.


  • Player spawns
  • Player hears screeching
  • Player then hears screaming
  • Player sees 5 civilians being thrown out of the window
  • Devourers come out of window and charge at Police, you, RRC, and FSB
  • Members say, "Открыть огонь! Open Fire!"
  • Team fires on devourers
  • Commander: "Войдите и ясно, что здание, как можно скорее!"..."Go in and clear that building, ASAP!"
  • Player waits to long, and its Mission Failed
  • If the player goes forward, gameplay continues
  • Player is faced with opposition once inside the courtyard and Kremlin


  • The player can choose different routes to take during the gameplay
  • If the player waits to long after the commanders command, then its Mission Failed.

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