Onslaught is a free roam sandbox game mode which the player must kill the enemies and buy new areas which will unlock new, weapons, vehicles, powers, traps, enhancements and weapon upgrades.

Most of the time the Devourers will swarm the player but the deadly experients, the Exomens, will appear. No-one knows why the Exomens have appeared but no-one wants to find out...



Onslaught Characters
Strike Force

Strike Force 1Strike Force 2Strike Force 3Strike Force 4Strike Force 5Strike Force 6Strike Force 7Strike Force 8




ShickerSizzlerStalkerKeeperHellhoundBloodhoundWolf PackCutterRevenantMulcherThyoSementerSchismBroisedonCenturionGuardianKorr



Onslaught Levels
Onslaught Campaign

Distrito BarrioAlbergueVorr CorporacionOscuridad Reunion

Onslaught Survival

The AnnouncerEdit

The Announcer is an unseen character but he somehow knows what is happening. He will announce special features and actions within the Onslaught.

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