Keros: The Great War Edit

  1. Relic (level)
  2. Ambush (level)
  3. Downfall (level)
  4. Guardian (level)
  5. Warrior (level)
  6. Uplift (level)
  7. Abyss (level)
  8. Coliseum (level)
  9. Sabotage (level)
  10. Approach (level)
  11. Enforcer (level)
  12. Overhaul (level)
  13. Advancement (level)

Damnation Map Pack Edit

Delsolate Forerunner Flood Research Facilities.

  1. Damnation (level)
  2. Redemption (level)
  3. Desolation (level)

Affiliation Map Pack Edit

Covenant Ships and Sacred Sites.

  1. Affiliation (level)
  2. Alignment (level)
  3. Alliance (level)

Keros Map Pack Edit

Three unique maps released on the planet of Keros.

  1. Amplified (level)
  2. Onslaught (level)
  3. Keros (multiplayer level)

Demon Map Pack Edit

All the savage maps that are controlled by the Guardians.

UNSC Map Pack Edit

The UNSC Secret Bases and training facilities.

Halo Map Pack Edit

You guessed it. These maps are related to Halo. Brings back memories? No? Have fun on these precious rides.

Tarkros Map Pack Edit

The city of Tarkros is a gang hideout by night but by day blood and bodies seem to occupy the streets.

Abandoned Map Pack Edit

Energy Map Pack Edit

The Covenant Temples and Sacred Sites.

Attack Map Pack Edit

Fighter Map Pack Edit

Forerunner Map Pack Edit

Ark Map Pack Edit

Situated near the Ark, these maps a a complete Death Trap to all enemies. And if you fall... don't look down.

AI Map Pack Edit

Battle Map Pack Edit

These maps are situated near the war fields on Keros. Just be careful...

Forge Map Pack Edit

You guessed it. There will more likely be 3 forge maps to be customized. Go crazy.