Al kadhum leader

Appearance in Disk 2 and 3

"Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you'd have good people doing good things and and evil people, like me. But for good people to do evil things. That...that takes religion." --- Muhammad Saf-Halad, just before killing Zuka.

Disk 2Edit

In Disk 2 he is the commmander of the Al Kadhum militia. He beated Zuka Anthanee in an unknown building and then drove to an allyway, where he killed Zukas, allies and the President of Saudi Arabia. Days later, he was tracked down by US Army Rangers, but managed to escape.

Disk 3Edit

Since the death of Kaled Al-Sahad, he is now the new leader of the Al Kadhum. And since the escape of Zuka Anthanee, he planned for revenge and is definitly getting it. During the take over of Sangheilios, he commanded a group of soldiers to enter his home, and blowing up the wall, they entered...beated Zuka, and took him away. He then said, "I have plans for you sangheilian." Seeing that he wanted to act on vengence, they took him to an underground base, and strapped him to Chem X. Muhammad Saf-Halad was later killed in the final attempt to kill Zuka, by Private James Connar, of the 7th Ranger Regiment, ending power in Iraq, the Middle East, and in the regime of the Al Kadhum Military.

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