Mortar Station is where the heart of where the invasion began. Just... avoid the back room... or... you will see the end.


Mortar Station was the first Keros site to fall under control of the Covenant at night. When they first arrived they attacked the station and civilians inhabiting it. Everyone in the station was killed except the passengers on the train, which doesn't stop and is covered in flames. You can hear the innocent people scream as the driver sound the horn. The back room is more than what I can say. It... just... doesn't feel right. If you enter, beware of the entity that inhabits it. Or she will get you. After how she died, you don't want to be on the recieving end. After the Covenant attacked this station, the Covenant attacked the town of Mortar and then Monument Hill. While in the station you can hear shooting and screaming from the neighbouring sectors from the city and the station.

Back RoomEdit


Locations in Mortar StationEdit

Mortar Station

Car Park


Back Room

Trident Park

Liberty Street

Back Alleyway


  • The back room is very scary.
  • The night time and 'Hell on Earth' idea was inspired by Halo 3: ODST.
  • The Evil Train was inspired by Halo 2's Terminal level train, which was originally supposed to have flames and be like this train on the level.
  • This is the most scariest level in the Keros series. Only for the fact of the setting and that it was the first area attacked in Keros.