Major Josh Konaree also goes by Josh or Major J is a Sangheili Marine with Pvt. Zuka Chavamee, 1st Battalion, 78th Elite Regiment who fought under the command of Field Master Lex Norsan. He fought in Iraq in 2947 against Al Kadhum forces and participated in the opening attacks of the War on Sagheilos.

Personallity and Traits Edit

Josh is the comical relief of the Sangheili Marine missions, as heard by his witty dialogue. He does little to hide his feelings, as heard when he complains to Pvt. Zuka about how Marines receive few "Special Ops" missions compared to U.S. Army Rangers and to Lex Norsan on how their request for air support was denied. He also panics during intense and abnormal situations, as seen during The birth of a new Russian Empire where he screams as he sees aircraft falling from the sky. He cares about his squad-mates too, as he may be a combat medic performing life-saving skills on his downed fellow soldiers. He hates the Ultranationalists and Al Kadhum with a vengeance ever since the first attack on Sangheilios.

Josh wears unique equipment compared to other Sangheili Marines. He wears four-fingered gloves similar to this His signature weapon is a M4A1 Plasma Rifle with an ACOG scope.

Quotes Edit

  • "Tango down!"- Killed an enemy.
  • "Target Neutralized!" - Killed an enemy with an explosive.
  • "Throwing Plasma!" - When throwing a plasma grenade
  • "Plasma Out!" - When throwing a plasma grenade
  • "Popping Smoke!"- When throwing smoke.
  • "Frag out!"- When throwing a Fragmentation grenade.
  • "GRENADE!" - When an enemy grenade lands near by.
  • "Tossing a flashbang!" - After throwing a flashbang.
  • "Flash out!" - After throwing a flashbang.
  • "Tossin' stun grenade!" - After throwing a stun.
  • "Planting Claymore!" - After planting a Claymore.
  • "Throwing C4!" - After throwing/planting C4.
  • "Changing Mag!" - Reloading.
  • "Cover me, I'm reloading!" -Reloading.
  • "Reloading!" - Reloading.
  • "Give it back!" - Give him a weapon he doesn't like
  • "You'd better give it back when your done." - Give him a weapon he doesn't like
  • "Friendly Fire!" - Melee or shoot him
  • "Watch where your firing!" - Melee or shoot him
  • "Check your fire!" - Melee or shoot him
  • "He's betrayed us!" - Kill an ally
  • "What the fuck are you doing!" - Kill an ally
  • "Wanna kill someone, kill yourself!" - Kill an ally

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