Disk 1 Campaign LevelsEdit

  1. TECOSM (Level)
  2. Hitlers Genecide (level)
  3. Silent Hill (Level)
  4. The Deadly Drop Zone (Level)
  5. The Space Race (level)
  6. A Captive Planet (level)
  7. Prisoners of War (level)
  8. Command Center Takeover (level)
  9. Do you remember the Vietnam War? (level)
  10. The Birth of a new Russian Empire (level)
  11. The Acquisitive Protocol (level)
  12. The Escapee (Level)
  13. Unpermitted Hijacking (Level)
  14. The Triple Star System Space Assault (Level)
  15. Meltdown (Level)
  16. Final Battle (Level)

Disk 1 Bonus LevelsEdit

  1. Just passing through (Bonus Level)
  2. One shot, one kill (Bonus Level)
  3. Kill Count (Bonus Level)
  4. Times almost up! (Bonus Level)
  5. Fighting on the Homeland (Bonus Level)
  6. Take em Down (Bonus Level)
  7. The Race (Bonus Level)
  8. Hidden (Bonus Level)
  9. An unwelcomed guest (Bonus Level)
  10. What could have been (Bonus Level)
  11. Riot Control (Bonus Level)
  12. Dead Silence (Bonus Level)
  13. Delivery! (Bonus Level)
  14. Homeland Security (Bonus Level)
  15. Taking one for the team (Bonus Level)
  16. Man Down! (Bonus Level)
  17. The Final Hour... (Spec Ops Level)
  18. Rangers lead the way! (Bonus Level)
  19. Ambush! (Bonus Level)

Disk 2 Campaign LevelsEdit

  1. This is not the Umbrella Corp! (Level) (Tour level)
  2. The Package (Level)
  3. Securing Threats (Level)
  4. Taking back a nation (Level)
  5. Testing the Serum (Level)
  6. Search and Rescue (Level)
  7. The Rise to Power (Level) (Tour Level)
  8. Iraqi War (Level)
  9. Advise and Assist (Level)
  10. 9/11 (Level) (Tour Level)
  11. Outbrake (Level)
  12. War on Terror (Level)
  13. Infection (Level)
  14. The Comeback (Level)
  15. Defend the Fort! (Level)
  16. A Dark Legacy (Level)
  17. Terror on the Streets (Level)
  18. Operation Iraqi Freedom (Level)
  19. Resurrection (Level)
  20. A Day in Baghdad (Level)
  21. An Afternoon in Baghdad (Level)
  22. Sunset in Baghdad (Level)
  23. Night Raids in Baghdad (Level)
  24. Targets Aquired (Level)
  25. An Oil Rich Planet (Level)
  26. OPEC (Level)
  27. Heavy Load (Level)
  28. A Road Less Taken...(Level)
  29. The Chase Begins (Level)
  30. A Devastating Blow (Level)
  31. Saving a Planet (Level)
  32. All-In (Level)
  33. A Fight to Remember (Level)
  34. Resistance (Level)

Disk 2 Bonus LevelsEdit

  1. Quarantine
  2. You have the right to...remain silent!
  3. No Vacancy
  4. Under, the big top!
  5. That was luck!
  6. The US Federal Beuro of Death!
  7. Eine Stille Nacht
  8. Remember...No Russian
  9. A Plague of Death
  10. In the dead of winter
  11. A Nightmare on Elm Street
  12. Ultimatum

Disk 3 Campaign LevelsEdit

  1. Military Preparations
  2. Uprising (Mafia rise to power)
  3. A New Empire (Al Kadhum rise to power)
  4. No Russian Loyalist (Ultranationalist rise to power)
  5. Strengthen an Alliance (Villains Conference)
  6. The Chase (Good team chases evil team)
  7. Planetary Takeover
  8. Deadly Siege
  9. No Mercy!
  10. Revenge (Al Kadhum capture Zuka Anthanee)
  11. Hitman for hire
  12. Washington D.C. Ransom
  13. Prisoner Escapes
  14. Welcome to Auschwitz
  15. To Break Loose
  16. National Military Establishment Conference (Good Conference)
  17. Unfinished Business (Mafia gets Xel Vaxum)
  18. Seize Control of the Ship! (Ultranationalists get Andromeda Vadum)
  19. The Doctor is in! (Zuka Anthanee is torchured by Iraqi doctors in The Insane Asylum)
  20. Arcadia
  21. A Lethal Invitation (Mafia sends invitation about a restaurant and captures Commander Ramirez
  22. White House Takeover (Mafia go into the white house and take over the oval office)
  23. Retaking Sangheilios
  24. A Fortunate Retreat
  25. An Apocalyptic World (Tokyo, Japan)
  26. An Apocalyptic World (Shanghai, China)
  27. An Apocalyptic World (Beijing, China)
  28. An Apocalyptic World (Moscow, Russia)
  29. An Apocalyptic World (Chernobyl, Ukraine)
  30. An Apocalyptic World (Berlin, Germany)
  31. An Apocalyptic World (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  32. An Apocalyptic World (London, England)
  33. An Apocalyptic World (New York City, New York)
  34. An Apocalyptic World (Annapolis, Maryland)
  35. An Apocalyptic World (Washington D.C., United States of America)
  36. Taking the Capital
  37. An Apocalyptic World (Sacremento, California)
  38. An Apocalyptic World (San Francisco, California)
  39. An Apocalyptic World (Los Angeles, California)
  40. An Apocalyptic World (San Diego, California)
  41. An Apocalyptic World (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  42. The Underground Empire
  43. An Offer You Can't Refuse (Save Commander Ramirez and millians of civilians wired to oil drums, with 3 mega bombs timed to release the ChemX.)
  44. The Final Decision (Save Zuka, or save Sangheilios!)
  45. Crowd Control (Andromeda Vadum and Pvt. Zuka Chavamee must battle thousands of Devourers in an arena, Fernando Hernandez watches in amusement)
  46. The Stash House (The Mafia's Base)
  47. Saf-Halad Operations Base (Al Kadhum Base)
  48. The Nuclear Silo (The Ultranationalist Base)
  49. Biochem Reborn (The New Biochem Base)
  50. Biochem's End

Devourers/Demons LevelsEdit