Prestiging is availble to both on and offline players. Once the player reaches the highest rank he/sh may choose to start over or stay at first prestige. It takes 1,500,000 XP to unlock prestige mode. There are 10 Prestige Modes to go through and when you prestige, you can choose only one reward from a variety of rewards till you reach our last prestige. When you reach 10th prestige, you can choose only one reward from the multiple rewards you have without prestiging anymore.Edit

Prestige RewardsEdit

  • New title
  • New logo
  • New emblem
  • Extra Custom Classes (5 extra classes for 10 max)
  • Double XP
  • Double In-Game Currency
  • Perks require half in-game currency to unlock
  • All weapons unlocked
  • All equipment unlocked
  • All attachments unlocked
  • Reset all stats (Available after 10th Prestige)

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