Keros: Chronicles is the prequel to Keros: The Great War . It is fought on other planets to ensure the survival of Keros .


Good TeamEdit

Throughout Keros SeriesEdit

Andromeda Vadum

Sangheili Marine Corps

Michael Konar

Major Josh Konaree

Field Master Lex Norsan



US Army Rangers

United States Advanced Air Force (USAAF)

Kairor Korziv

Pvt. Zuka 'Chavamee

Killax Korvik

Xel Vaxum

Lucas Kordin

Evil TeamEdit

Disk 1Edit


Ultranationalist Party

Disk 2Edit

Fernando Hernandez

Dr. John Stenson

Dr. Drake Kennedy

Dr. Albert Simmons

Dr. Ashley Valentine

Kahled Al-Sahad (Leader of the Al Kadhum militia)

Muhammad Saf-Halad (Commander of the Al Kadhum militia)

Dark Ops

Rebel Militia

Ultranationalist Party (Soldiers only)

The Al Kadhum (Iraqi Militia)

Devourers (Parasites)

Disk 3Edit

Fernando Hernandez

Muhammad Saf-Halad

Dimitri Khrushchev

David Capone

Vincent Mancini

Broadway Mafia (Mafia Crime Group)

Dark Ops

Ultranationalist Party

The Al Kadhum

Devourers (Parasites)

Disk 4Edit

Fernando Hernandez

Dimitri Khrushchev (Leader of the Ultranationalist Party)

Adam Savar (Terroristic leader of the Al Kadhum Terrorist Organization)

Anthony Capone (Leader of the Sons of Anarchy)

Kevin King (Sniper Specialist of the Sons of Anarchy)

Jason Miller (Truck Driver and Wheelman of the Sons of Anarchy)

Matthew Davis (Top Assassin of the Sons of Anarchy)

Dark Ops

Ultranationalist Party

The Dictator

The Al Kadhum (Al Kadhum Terrorist Organization in Disk 4)

Rebel Militia

Devourers (Parasites)

The Drones

Game Series Edit

Game Scenes Edit


  • This is the war that started the Keros War as well as the madness behind the evil team and the greatness of the good team.

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