Levels in Spec Ops (Disk 1)Edit

Take em down - Clear out as all ememies before time runs out
Halo3-odst 81

The screen in spec ops, for Disk 1

Fighting on the homeland - Survive 7 waves of enemy attacks!

Times almost up! - Stop the bomb, before time runs out

One shot, one kill - Snipe all enemy footmobiles!

Kill Count - Reach the score limit

Just passing through - Reach the extraction point, alive!

Hidden - Get to the hotel on Mokhovaya Street, using steath

An unwelcomed guest - Rescue the hostage

What could have been - Protect your partner by taking down Covenant forces

Riot Control - Defend yourself against Russian Riot Control forces

Dead Silence - Rescue the hostage without getting spotted

Delivery! - Get to the bomb and arm it

The Race - Finish first or go home

Homeland Security - Secure Washington D.C. from the Ultranationalist leaders

Man Down! - Get to your partner before he's KIA!!!

Taking one for the team - Escort your partner, snatch the item, and escape!

Ambush! - Defend yourself! Then eliminate Russian Riot Control forces

Its a long way down - Cimbing down elevater shafts, through vents...shh be sure to be quiet!

Going in - This isn't a vacation, assault your way onto a beach, and through a little Russian city

Wind beneath my wings - Defend your partner, and clear the city that is rightfully yours!

The Final Hour - Defeat the enemy and claim your victory...too tough? Not for pros like you!

Rangers lead the way! - Battle your way to safety in a Spec Ops level like no other! (Last bonus level for Disk 1)

Bonus Levels Disk 2 Edit

Quarantine - Quarantine devourers in New York City!

Screen for Disk 2 Spec ops

You have the right to...remain silent! - Eliminate devourers in Suburban home

No Vacancy - Defend the Motel 6 against Devourers in LA!

Under, the big top! - Assault your way to Best Western Executive Inn

That was luck! - Who might get lucky! If you can escape in time!

The US Federal Bureau of Death! - Make your way to a hotel and defend it, for you life!

Eine Stille Nacht - Eliminate devourers in Berlin, Germany

Remember...No Russian - Eliminate devourers in Moscow, Russia

A Plague of Death - Eliminate waves of devourers in Tokyo, Japan

In the dead of winter - Eliminate Devourers in the Central Eastern Alps

A Nightmare on Elm Street - You think you can run?...You dont even know half of what this level holds...

Ultimatum - 5 seconds to answer each question. Do you know what the U.S. Government wants?