The Second Level in the Keros Campaign

Description Edit

  • Objective: Follow Gorbachov’s Lead
  • Characters: Vladimir Gorbachov, Viktor Ivanov, Kiril Morozov, and Lev Novikov
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Vehicles Used: Helicopter, Russian Striker, Warthogs, Armored Trucks
  • Achievements: None
  • Skulls: None

Gameplay Info Edit

  • Level: Hitlers Genecide
  • Date/Time: Enter Date here, 2:55:37 pm and counting
  • Place: Washington D.C.
  • Character: Viktor Ivanov
  • Division: Ultranationalist Party

Opening Scene Edit

The scene begins when you are in first person view when you are in the passenger seat of car, behind the car you can see a Russian Striker. Kiril is driving the car and you are the passenger, behind you is Vladimir and Lev in the back seat. They are driving to Capital Hill, once you get there you will see the president making a speech about Peace and the alliance with the Sangheili's and you get out of the vehicle, and begin the gameplay.

Gameplay Edit

As the gameplay description comes in, Vladimir Gorbachov will say: “In order to achieve our goal we must eliminate all that oppose us.” Kiril will then say: “Right you are.” They slowly walk and all of the gunmen open fire on the civilians, although the player may abstain. The player's movement speed is restricted to a casual walk till they reach the capital building. The gunmen move through Washington D.C., and at certain points the player's speed is allowed a slow jog (using the sprint button). This movement speed restriction is removed once the player exits the Capital Building. They then continue down Aedc Road along with the Russian Striker, killing off more civilians. As UNSC marines pull up in warthogs. The player then utilizes the M240 and the M4A1 to cause as much destruction as possible (UMP.45's, Battle Rifles, Assault Rifles, XM8’s, and M9's can be picked up as well). The only threats in this part of the level are the UNSC, though the terrorists will kill them easily regardless of any action on the part of the player. Halfway through the level, several UNSC teams arrive in armored trucks. The M203 can be used to make short work of any Plasma Riot Shield users. Flanking them is also an effective tactic, as they will often focus on the other gunmen. After killing all Internal Troops in their way, only Gorbachov, Kiril, and Viktor remain alive. Gorbachov leads Kiril and Viktor to the helicopter (the getaway vehicle).

Ending Scene Edit

As they start to take off and get to a certain height overlooking Washington D.C. Vladimir Gorbachov, then takes out a RPG launcher and says: “Remember the time I said, everyone shall scream there last.” Viktor says: “Yes I do sir.” Vladimir Gorbachov then fires the RPG on the Whitehouse, but don’t worry at this point the president is evacuated. The Whitehouse then explodes and is left with rubble. Other Assault Helicopters that also have token off also fires on the Whitehouse and other important monuments. Vladimir Gorbachov then says: “This is just the beginning.” And the scene ends.