Greyfiar Firk Grave graveyard

The graveyard and loading screen for this level

Classification: Assault

Level: Greyfiar Firk Grave

Date/Time: March 25, 2987, 1:07:34 am and counting

Place: Edinburgh, Scotland

This place is assessed as the scariest cemetery in the World, the local people there often get very cold air, and the stench when passing the cemetery area, at night, there also often heard shouting from inside the cemetery and the sound of broken glass is also often found there.

Building houses near the grave often haunted, notably the dungeon contained there, is the tomb of George McKenzie, an officer convicted of slander, the officer was tortured there, and he vowed revenge one day. Some person says that his spirit was known to haunt the houses in the surrounding area. Every year, tourists who come there can only come with Tour guide and not allowed to take photos there.

Locations Edit

Alley Edit

This "room" is very tight and can be difficult to maneuver around, but it can be easy to defend. It is recommended to go by the side closest to the Back Room during a Hellhound round. Double Tap is located on the end closest to the starting area-and it's right by a Devourer spawn point. An AK-74u is also located in the Alley. Note that Devourers will-more often than not-jump down from the roof of the building. Watch everywhere, or you may find yourself overwhelmed.

Main Entrance (Mansion) Edit

It is quite large and has plenty of room to run around. It also contains the teleporter "mainframe link." Quick Revive for 1500 points (500 points on solo), an M14 for 500 points, an Olympia for 500 points and a Mystery Box for 950 points spawn are located here. There are a total of four windows. There are 3 doors available for moving to new rooms and areas at the top right of the staircase, one to the left under the staircase and one directly ahead under the staircase which can not be opened until the power has been activated. It is not advised to stay here past round 5.

Main Entrance (Cathedral) Edit

  • Much like any Entrance this shows the alter (Box Location) and other parts of the church such as the organ, and the seats.

Other Areas Edit

  • Enclosed vaults are found mainly on the south edge of the graveyard and in the "Covenanters' Prison". These either have solid stone walls or iron railings and were created as a deterrent to graverobbing, which had become problematic in the 18th century. Greyfriars also has two low ironwork cages, called mortsafes. These were leased, and protected bodies for long enough to deter the attentions of the early 19th century resurrection men who supplied Edinburgh Medical College with corpses for dissection.

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