I am pleased to announce that I am one of the co-chairman of the Biochem Corporation

Dr. John Stenson in Keros Chronicles Disk 2

Dr. John Stenson in Keros: Chronicles Disk 2

Dr. John Stenson in Keros Chronicles Disk 3

Dr. John Stenson in Keros: Chronicles Disk 3

John Stenson in Keros Resurrection

John Stenson in Keros: Resurrection

Dr. John Stenson was the Biochem Corporation's leading scientist, in charge of the Nanorobotics Program and creating Chemicles and Bioengineering, and later, the Biochem Science Division. He appeared briefly in Keros: Chronicles disk 2 and 3 and is the primary antagonist in Keros: Chronicles Disk 4. He was portrayed by Iain Glen in Keros Chronicles Disk 2 and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Disk 3.

Appearance Edit

He had to undergoe major reconstruction surgery due to his fall out of the plane from Fernando Hernandez. Fernando Hernandez order the surgery because he needed him to take command of future experiments. Dr. John Stenson also had trouble breathing, so he wears a respirator mask, Fernando Hernandez thought it would be good for John Stenson to conceal his identy, so that the allied forces wont reconize him.

Biochem Incident Edit

Biochem soon had bigger problems than one escaped experiment, however. It was soon discovered that the ChemX had begun spreading rapidly. The world was overrun in short order, the only survivors being the allies and some civilians who stayed on the road, and Biochem Corporation employees, who took shelter in underground facilities across the planet. Dr. John Stenson himself took charge of the research in an underground lab of Biochem, trying vainly to track the allies across the wasteland that North America had become over the last seconds. All the while, he maintained a combative relationship with Biochems Chairman Fernando Hernandez.

Chairman of the Biochem Corporation Edit

He is the seconds in command chairman who make all decisions while Fernando Hernandez is away.

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