The Ninth level in the Keros Campaign


  • Objective:
    • Locate the Russian Base to notify the other teams where you are
    • Clear the Russian Base for extraction
  • Optional Objectives:
    • Help the troops who crashed their Longsword
    • Locate bravo site point A
    • Locate bravo site point B
  • Characters: Ultranationalist Party, Kairor, Xel Vaxum, Dormo'Qalarmee, Andromeda_Vadum.
  • Weather: light fog
  • Vehicles Used: None
  • Achievements: None
  • Skulls: None

Gameplay InfoEdit

  • Level: Do you remember the Vietnam War?
  • Date/Time: Enter Date here, 9:58:45 am and counting
  • Place: Unknown Tropical Forest, East Africa
  • Character: Kairor Korziv
  • Division: Unknown

Opening SceneEdit

The scene opens with you proning out of the humvee, your shields are low but they recharge. You then see longswords flying over you. As your team starts to recover you then recover from shell-shock. A Sangheli Marine is sees you on the ground.

Sangheli Marine: "Get up Kairor, we have to keep moving."

The Sangheli Marine pulls you up. After that you then begin the gameplay.

Gameplay 1Edit

Chapter 1: This is not a jungle war, but a struggle for freedomEdit

As soon as you are helped up you then have to find your way to the Russian base which is 500 Meters away, the jungle is not with a trail, but is rather a way to get lost, there is green in every direction with multiple trails and it should be easy to get lost. During the long journey you will encounter shadow ninja’s, ghillie snipers, and various traps. Once you reach the 100 Meter you will find a longsword flying by you as it gets hit by a surface to air missile launched from the Russian base. It is then an optional objective to help the troops, and to unlock the Locate bravo site point A and Locate bravo site point B objectives. If you want to skip this then you can proceed to the Russian base.

Chapter 2: A base in East Africa? You have got to be kidding…Edit

As soon as you get to the base you will alert Russians, this cannot be prevented, and you encounter multiple Russian enemies coming at you and your team. As soon as your team engages the enemy you have to locate the Russian Command Center to notify the teams where you are. Once you have completed that you will then have to clear out the Russian base of all hostiles in the area in order to be extracted.

Ending SceneEdit

As soon as you have cleared out all the hostiles a Pelican will come in to extract you and you leave the area. When you take off into the skies multiple hornets and Pelicans will join you. The Pelicans and Hornets start to fire on all SAM sites and start heading towards Voi. The scene fades out.