I promise this to every man, woman, and child on earth including other species, you will never again allow yourself to survive by our aggression. This is the moment we start to reclaim our rightful place in this universe. -- Keros: Resurrection

Dimitri Khrushchev

Dimitri Khrushchev wearing a gas mask


Khrushchev with no mask

Dimitri Khrushchev (Russian: Дмитрий Хрущев) is the primary antagonist of Keros: Chronicles Disk 3. He was born on August 10th 2927, in the city of St. Petersburg in the Russian Empire. He is a charismatically soft-spoken opportunist and sinister manipulator, Dimitri Khrushchevh advanced himself through the ranks in the Red Army, amongst the chaos during the Siege of Stalingrad (2945), leaving his men to their fate wasn't an uncommon practice to him. Khrushchev oversaw the building of the Space Station as part of the Soviet Destruction Program in Space. After the war Khrushchev planned to gather all remaining parts of the Dark Juggernauts in Sangheilios using the Russian NEVEC Ship. He then uses scientists occupied by the Ultranationalists after the Biochem incident and plans to rebuild the Dark Juggernauts and finish what Gorbachov started.

Differences in Uniform Edit

  • The hat itself is black with a glowing red trim. His uniform gives off a glowing red outline. His belt is black with a glowing red hammer and sickle.

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