Game InfoEdit

Classification: Assault & Sabotage

Level: Delivery!

Date/Time: Enter Date Here, 5:33:27 pm and counting

Place: Ultranationalist Space Station

Playable Charater: Xel Vaxum

Characters: Sangheili Marines

Division: 1st Battallion, 38th Elite Regiment

1 to 4 players online or locally


  • Objective
    • 600px-Covenant bomb and core

      Apearence of bomb, same as in Halo 2

      Get to the covenant bomb and arm it
  • Characters
    • Xel Vaxum
    • Sangheili Marines (will keep enemies off your back)
    • Russian Ultranationalists
  • Weather: Clear
  • Achievements:None
  • Skulls: None


  • Easy - Enemies are kinda defensive
  • Medium - Enemies are defensive
  • Hard - Enemies are prepared and defensive
  • Legendary - Enemies are heavily defensive and some assault you

Opening SceneEdit

  • Cinematic Scene

You see the Ultranationalist Space Station. In the background you hear Russian trans-missions. Then you see a Covenant Assault Carrier moving towards the station. Sangheili Marines and Xel get off at the space station and are then seen entering the station. The scene ends.


You are inside the station and an Elite says that they have to get to the bomb. Game Info starts. After the game info ends the alarms go off and Russians come out. Once you get past them you make your way down the hall and kill more enemies. You make your way into a room where there are enemies everywhere. Once you get past them you go to a door. An elite arms a breaching charge and blows up the door saying, "Go, go, go!" Two elites rush in and kill three Russians. Then you can move in as well. You make your way to another door, stack up and an elite kicks the door down entering anther hallway. Enemies are in the hall so you must kill them to get through. After, an elite on your radio says that the bomb has been dropped off and is making its way to the main room. More enemies come! Once you get past them you make your way to the main room. The room is filled with Ultranationalists, bursting fire and bullets at you. The bomb is behind them so tossing grenades will help clear some out. Once you have made your way through you will find three elites dead on the floor. If you make it and arm the bomb its Mission Complete! If you die its Mission Failed!

Ending SceneEdit

  • Cinematic Scene

You are seen getting on board the Assault Carrier. Leaving, the Space Station explodes!


  • Elite Soldier 1: "We must get to that bomb so we can arm it!" (As game info starts)
  • Elite Soldier 1: "Go, go, go!" (when breaching)
  • Radio: "The bomb has been dropped of at section alpha, it is making its way to the extraction point, GO!" (after you kill the enemies in the hall)