• Objectives:
    • Find Xeltive Thade
  • Characters: Ultranationalists, Xel Vaxum, Xeltive Thade, Pvt. Zuka Chavamee, Vax Xalum, and Sangheili Citizens.
  • Vehicles Used: BTR-80's, and Russian Assault Helicopters
  • Achievements: None
  • Skulls: None

Gameplay Info Edit

  • Level: Deadly Siege
  • Date/Time: January 8, 2948, 6:09:17 pm and counting
  • Place: Sangheilios, Iruiru (One of Sangheilios' capitals)
  • Character: Xel Vaxum
  • Division: ???

Opening Scene Edit

  • None, continue to gameplay.

Gameplay Edit

Xeltive Thade is (187 meters away).

Russian BTR-80 (Loudspeaker): Круглый вверх все Sangheili! Примите их в лагеря смерти! Переместите его вы ублюдки! Всех вас...Переместите его!

As they fight through heavy resistance they meet up with Xeltive Thade.

Xeltive Thade: There you guys are!

Pvt. Zuka Chavamee: We got to go, before we all die. Whose next Xel.

Xel Vaxum: Andromeda Vadum, and Major Josh Konaree.

Xeltive Thade: Alright. Lets go. Stay out of site, the area is getting pretty emptie, so we got to be stealthy.

Ending Scene Edit

  • Scene is in gameplay.

The scene ends.

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