Dark Heart Death Injections, or Death Injections, are taken by all of the inhabitants of Keros. They are used and are given a unique ability, such as - Strength (power), Endurance (health), Agility (speed), Accuracy (aim), Awareness (senses) and Combat (damage/inventory).

Strength InjectionsEdit

Hothead - Headshots cause burning inferno.

Boomshot - Explosive force increase.

Dark Heart - Death = revert.

Supremacy - Enemies at highest rank.

Suicide - Grenades are dropped and exploded upon death.

Endurance InjectionsEdit

Schism - 2x enemy health.

Resistance - Plasma takedown shields, bullet to kill.

Mutant - Melee for shield recharge.

Predator - Increased health.

Adrenaline - Infinite ability.

Agility InjectionsEdit

Retaliation - Enemy weapon speed increased.

Accuracy InjectionsEdit

Tactician - No HUD.

Headhunter - Enemy accuracy increased.

Precision - Weapon accuracy increased.

Awareness InjectionsEdit

Trident - Enemy AI increased.

Reconassiance - No radar.

Survival - Enemies dodge danger.

Stalker - Lights off, flashlights on...

Rouge - Radar is always on, everything is seen.

2012 - End of the World...

Combat InjectionsEdit

Downfall -

Slice 'n Dice - Energy Katana + Artifact.

Succumb - Dropped weapons have half ammo.

Bombardment - Grenade explode 7 other grenades

Ballistic - Orbital bombardment.

Halo - Indestructible vehicles.

Mystical - Allies have half combat skills.

Battalion - Double amount of enemies per level.

Recharge - Plasma weapons recharge half ammo when depleted. (100% - 0% = 50%).