• Objective:
    • Survive!
  • Characters: Lucas Kordin (Non-playable Character for this level), Major Josh Konaree, Pvt. Zuka Chavamee, Vax Xalum, Thug, Killax, and Xeltive Thade.
  • Weather: Blizzard, -150 °F temperatures
  • Vehicles Used: None
  • Achievements: None
  • Skulls: None

Gameplay InfoEdit

  • Level: An Apocalyptic World (Moscow, Russia)
  • Date/Time: January 19, 2948 7:55:13 am and counting
  • Place: Moscow, Russia
  • Character: Pvt. Zuka Chavamee
  • Division: 1st Battallion, 78th Elite Regiment

Plot Edit

As the helicopters enter the eye of a very massive hurricane-like superstorm blizzard in Moscow, Russia that causes a temperature drop of -150 °F from Biochem's weather machine that freezes their fuel lines and rotors, causing them to crash down and quickly freeze to death. They manage to escape, but, just then, the eye of the freezing superstorm begins to pass over the city with its -150 °F instant freeze temperatures, and the entire Moscow capital begins to freeze solid, buildings and air alike, they have no choice but to run to the Nakal Industrial Furnace in order to keep warm and killing them. 2 hours have passed, and soon Dark Op soldier arrive and surround the place, they then have to fight them off and run a Biochem helicopter used by one of the Dark Op Soldiers and push on to Chernobyl, Ukraine.

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