Future warrior

Al Kadhum Base Guard

These Al Kadhum soldiers are an elite team on high protection for the Operations Base for the Al Kadhum. They are easily recognizable by their dark SWAT like armor. They are trained to destroy or takedown their enemies quickly and use heavy force if necessary. Teams are equipped with specialized firearms including sub-machine guns, assault rifles, breaching charges, sharp tools, riot control agents, stun grenades, and sniper rifles. They have specialized equipment including heavy body armor, ballistic lasor shields, entry tools, armored vehicles, advanced night vision and x-ray optics, and motion detectors for covertly determining the positions of their enemies.

Close-Encounter CombatEdit

These guys should NOT be messed with when it comes to close-quarter combat. They have been intensly trained in both self- defense and self-opposition. Strikes are not pulled but thrown with full force, which is called full-contact sparring. They are trained in Jiu-Jitsu. Their aim in close-quarter combat is to knock-out the enemy with only a few blows. If the player was to get to close, he would be dead within a second or two. 


Applicants undergo rigorous selection and training. Applicants must pass stringent physical agility, written, oral, and psychological testing to ensure they are not only fit enough but also psychologically suited for the jobs they will be assigned to. They also practice breaching, intense targets practice and self-opposition and defense training. After an officer has been selected, the potential member must undertake and pass numerous specialist courses. Other training that could be given to potential members includes training in explosives, sniper-training, defensive tactics, rappeling and roping techniques and the use of specialized weapons and equipment.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Weapons Used:Edit

  • Black-Metal AK-47
  • Black-Metal AK-74u
  • Automatic pistols
  • Automatic Shotguns
  • Lasor Riot Shield
  • Energy Combat Knife

Equipment Used:Edit

  • Chem X Grenades (Extremely Used)
  • Frag Grenades
  • Stuns Grenades
  • Concussion Grenades
  • Incendary Grenades
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Breaching Charges

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