Iranian man 1

Adam Savar, appearence in Disk 4

Iranian man 2

Adam Savar sets a bus bomb in downtown Baghad, Iraq


Disk 3 Adam Savar was claimed prince during the ruling of Muhammad Saf-Halads Al Kadhum Military. During the violent coup, he stayed in the Palace of Baghdad. He was to become the next dictator of the Middle East if Muhammad Saf-Halad died. During his time in Baghdad, he gained the trust of his people, as well as the Al Kadhum. He sub-ruled the Middle East only for the time Muhammad Saf-Halad was gone. Though, since Muhammad Saf-Halad was executed by the American forces known as the US Army Rangers, he began to grow weary of his people and decided it was time to take action against the American forces, as well as the Sangheili's.

Disk 4Edit

United States

In this final series of Keros, Adam Savar plans a rescue operation of Fernando and Khrushchev. He sneaks into the United States and attacks the prison that Fernando and Khruschev are located in. Seeking pleasure, he kills dozens of guards along the way. Later he planned the next move of what he should do along with the rest of the evil team, composed of The Sons of Anarchy, Khrushchev, and Fernado Hernandez. Adam Savar later attacks James wife and steals the UNASP Space Shuttle and heads for Sangheilos.

Baghdad, Iraq, Downtown near the Parliment Building

He leave the US and heads to Baghdad, starting terrorist attacks because of the rebellion of the Al Kadhum. The event of the nation would be called, "Downfall to the Al Kadhum." Thousands of people rallied against the Al Kadhum forces as the Al Kadhum didn't have a leader at the time. People in the markets and streets chanted, "Down with the Kadhum, up with Iraq!" A bus came through and suddenly blew up, as the 7th Ranger Regiment cleared the streets, unaware that Adam Savar started the terrorist attack. He know that this would give him a chance to escape, but instead, the 7th Ranger James Connar and Brian Bacon almost catch him, in the end he escapes by helicopter, and heads back to the U.S.

Sangheilios, State of Anthanee, City of Anthanee

On Sangheilios, he invaded the airport, secretly killing Sangheili guards and then stroved the streets of the City of Anthonee. There, he found Zuka Anthanee, and got his revenge. Zuka was terrified, but that didn't stop Adam Savar as Sangheili Riot Control (SRC) arrived and were easily killed by Adam. He got away with Zuka as a hostage and was bound for Biochem.

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