The Level in Keros: The Great War Campaign. It is played through Lucas Kordin's perspective.


  • Objective:
    • Eliminate Arkwolf resistance.
    • Enter the bunker.
    • Kill the Arkwolf Commander.
    • Stop the Rebel Commander from escaping.
    • Chase the Rebel Hitman Squad.
    • Tail the Rebel aircraft.
    • Get to the fire.
  • Characters: Lucas Kordin, Michael Lorenzo, Cpt. Jacobs, Marines
  • Weather: Overcast, Evening.
  • Vehicles Used: Cheetah.
  • Achievements: ???
  • Skulls: ???

Gameplay InfoEdit

  • Level: "Wild Cards"
  • Date/Time: October 13th, 2950, 6:18:20 pm and counting
  • Place: Mortar Suburbs, Keros
  • Character: Lucas Kordin
  • Division: Ballistic Shock Trooper Squad

Opening SceneEdit

Gameplay 1Edit

Chapter 1: EliminationEdit

Cinematic SceneEdit

Gameplay 2Edit

Chapter 2: The Hotel FireEdit

Ending SceneEdit